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2020.04.29 – About Morris Minor Taxi

We will soon complete our taxi project. We are using my old 4-door saloon . It is in fairly good condidion, but we took it apart and Upul did some tinkering work. Now the body is in top condition.

We are also checking up on the mechanicals and will complete this part after painting. Dayaranga has started on this and it will be completed in a short time.

Then we must make the car very reliable as we plan to use the taxi and it must not stop on the road.

It is stated in some old tourist guides that a taxi in Sri Lanka is a Morris Minor and people are asking me how to find a Morris Minor Taxi. I have not been able to find one and therefore we are now making our own, may be more, so we can attract tourists.

Unfortunately we only know very little about the taxi.

I have only seen one at a distance on my way in a bus from the airport to Hikkaduwa in 1991 or 92.

All I remember is a Morris Minor with yellow roof and a Taxi sign on the roof.

If you know about the Taxi in the good old days I would really like to hear from you and learn something.

Hope the Taxi will be completed when I am in Sri Lanka in January.

Best regards

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