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2020.05.14 – Morris Minor

What is the Morris Minor for you?
An everyday transport?
A collectors item?
A medicine?
A challenge?
A toy?

All of us have a special reason for loving the Morris Minor.
For me it has been my hobby and living during many years and I have gained some experience. I would like to share this with you.
I will do my best to write and tell you something every now and then.
I need you to tell me what I should write about?
If you are not your own mechanic you should consider to get started.
A lot of people enjoy working on their car.
It is not difficult and you do not need a fully equipped workshop for getting started. 
With an adjustable 6" spanner, a screw driver and an oil can you can do much. Surely you will learn by doing. 
And it will be easier for you to communicate with your mechanic and understand what he tell you.
A drop of oil on everything moving and on a spot of rust will be good for your Morris and extend the life of many things.
Simply take the oil can in one hand and a piece of cloth in the other.
Give a drop of oil to the bonnet hinges and wipe off the excess oil. 
The same with boot lid hinges, wiper wheel-boxes, ventilator hinges, ventilator catch, stricker plates, door hinges, door handles, 
boot lid handle, bonnet lock, safety catch etc.
When doing this you will observe much and when you do not understand
what to do, better leave it on your mechanic. The better you maintain your Morris, the cheaper and less problems.
What would you like to read about?
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