classic cars (pvt) ltd, sri lanka.

Parts Stocked in CC

Part Number Description
BDH4144 buffer glove box lid
182295 use BLF108B
AAA1765 use BPF134
AAA3521 use BPF133
ADA1577 use BLF108A
ADA2593 use BLF109
ADA3268 use BLF107
ADA3643 use BLF103
ADA3688 use BLF108A
ADA4532 use BLF105
ADA4533 use BLF106
ADA461 use BPF114
ADA464 use BPF116
ADA896 use BPF119
ADA897 use BPF131
ADA898 use BPF132
ADH456 use BPF115
BLF105 hinge boot lid RH
BLF106 hinge boot lid LH
BLF107 gasket boot hinge
BLF108A boot seal early
BLF108A plate lock stricker early
BLF108B plate tapping
BLF109 plate lock stricker
BPF114 slider
BPF115 support slider
BPF116 distance tube
BPF119 safety catch
BPF131 hinge bonnet RH
BPF132 hinge bonnet LH
BPF133 washer hinge to bonnet
BPF134 washer hinge to body
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